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We want to share the greatest story ever told, and its in this Bible, FREE of charge. We want you to find the real JESUS for your self. Plus this book has the power to change your life, and the key to everlasting life. If you need a Bible or know someone that needs one, please fill out this form. Make sure you state in what language you prefer your Bible. English Bibles will be (King James, New King James or New Living Translation)  Sorry no study Bibles or Leather Cover Bibles.

 Bibles will be shipped twice a month. This ministry is provided to you by volunteers of this church. 


We pray that this Bible will be the answer you are

 looking for.

 May God bless you in this amazing journey.

If you are a believer please pray for this ministry!


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Recommendation: If this is your first time reading a bible start from the New Testament as it is a little easier to follow! 

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