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We are dedicated to spreading the complete gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is the ultimate truth as revealed in the Word of God. Our focus is on preaching salvation through Jesus Christ and the spiritual rebirth that comes from above. We believe in the power of prayer and seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit, accompanied by the sign of speaking in other tongues. We practice water baptism and pray for the healing of the sick. We firmly believe in deliverance ministry and the blessing of children. Additionally, we bless marriages based on the principles outlined in the Word of God.
During our services, we engage in heartfelt praise and worship, expressing our love for the Lord through prayer, singing, and the use of musical instruments. We prioritize teaching the truths found in the Bible and emphasize the importance of good behavior, not only within the church but also in our workplaces, homes, and every aspect of our lives. Our aim is to reflect the true light of Christ to all people we encounter. We faithfully pray for our country and its laws, seeking God's guidance and protection. We extend our prayers to all the children of the Lord and to all churches around the world. We welcome fellowship with all believers who walk in the light, just as God is in the light.

May God bless you abundantly as we strive together to serve Him with all our hearts. 


Light Of The World, Свет Миру, Миннесота, MN
Light Of The World, Свет Миру, Slavic Church Light Of The World, MN


Mr. Vasily Kondratyuk is the Sr pastor of our church. His extensive ministry experience dates back many years, with his pastoral ministry commencing in Crimea in 1988. Throughout his dedicated service, he has held various leadership positions, including regional youth leader, evangelist, and Bible school instructor. In collaboration with the divine, Mr. Kondratyuk has successfully established over ten churches, guided numerous individuals to accept Jesus as their savior, performed baptisms, offered deliverance prayers, and mentored countless ministers. His journey brought him to the United States in 1998, where he co-founded Light of the World a year later. In 2003, he joined the ministry of Revelation Church, where he imparted his knowledge as a youth Bible school teacher. Subsequently, in 2007, he received an invitation to join Lowell Lundstrom Ministries - Celebration Church. Upon Pastor Anatoli Ugrin's relocation to another state, Mr. Kondratyuk resumed his ministry at Light of the World Church, where he continues to serve diligently to this day. 

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