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We preach the complete gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, that is, His Truth - the Word! We preach salvation through Jesus Christ and the birth from above, we pray for baptism in the Holy Spirit with the sign of other tongues, we baptize in water, we pray for the healing of the sick, we believe in and practice deliverance ministry, we bless children, we bless marriages on the basis of the Word of God. In our services, we praise the Lord in prayer, song, and musical instruments. We teach the Truths recorded in the Bible, as well as good behavior, not only in church but also at work, at home and everywhere else we go to show the true light of Christ to all people. We pray and bless our country and Laws, as well as pray for all the children of the Lord and all the churches. We are open to fellowship with all the saints who walk in the Light, just as He is in the Light!



Light Of The World, Свет Миру, Миннесота, MN


Light Of The World, Свет Миру, Slavic Church Light Of The World, MN

Vasily Kondratyuk is the pastor of the church. Vasily's ministry began a long time ago, but his pastoral ministry began in 1988 in Crimea. During his ministry he was a regional youth leader, an evangelist, a teacher in a Bible school ...  In cooperation with the Lord, he planted more than ten churches, prayed with hundreds of people who accepted Jesus as their Lord, baptized many with water baptism, prayed for deliverance, trained and blessed many ministers... He came to the United States in 1998 and a year later was one of the founders of Light of the World. Five years later he joined the ministry of the church "Revelation", where he also taught in a youth Bible school, and in 2007 was invited to Lowell Lundstrom Ministries - Celebration Church. When Pastor Anatoli Ugrin moved to another state, Vasily again accepted a ministry in the "Light of the World" church, where he has been serving to this day.


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